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Previous Works

For Keeps (1985, The Naiad Press)

A roller coaster ride through the emotional aftermath of a broken relationship in which a woman had invested everything. 


A Room Full of Women (1990, The Naiad Press)

Model couple Natalie and Annie, together for ten years, are in crisis, while their bachelor friend Blair faces her own challenges from her family of origin. 


Staying Home (1994, The Naiad Press) 

Alix has been trying for three years to get pregnant through alternative insemination; Molly, her partner of eight years, is no longer sure she wants to raise a child. 


City of Friends: A Portrait of the Gay and Lesbian Community in America (1995, The MIT Press)

An overview of what it means to be gay or lesbian in the United States. 


Story Workout: Exercises to Help You Connect to the Stories You Want to Tell (2016, self-published) 

A book of exercises designed to teach you to trust your instincts as a storyteller. 

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