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If it’s possible for a novel about loss to be both meditative and laugh-out-loud funny, Grace Period is it! 

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About the Novel

Just as 70-year-old writing professor Hannah Greene walks into her retirement party, she’s called to the ER because Grace, her wife of 25 years, has been in what turns out to be a fatal car accident. This was definitely not part of the plan the two had mapped out for their lives, especially since Grace was ten years younger than Hannah. Hannah was supposed to join her art history professor wife on a sabbatical trip to Europe. Grace would do research, and Hannah would figure out the rest of her life. Instead, Hannah is left to navigate both widowhood and retirement. 

Grace Period is an intimate, witty portrayal of a woman grappling with the unexpected turn her life has taken.

Praise for Grace Period

Grace Period assembles a story of loss, of grief, of life as beads on a necklace - each small triumph, echoing memory, and unexpected revelation a gleaming jewel, strung together with warmth and soul.

Liz Tigelaar, television writer/producer, Little Fires Everywhere and Tiny Beautiful Things

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